Workplace Wellness

What Are the Benefits?

Workplace Wellness Yoga programs are great in supporting the overall physical and mental health and wellbeing of your team, as well as offering further opportunities for team building. Research has demonstrated that regular yoga and meditation can:

·       Decrease frequency and duration of absenteeism;

·       Increase efficiency, productivity and creativity;

·       Improve focus under deadline;

·       Improve mindset, morale and loyalty;

·       Enhance employee strength, posture and health, and decrease chronic pain;

·       Decrease employee fatigue and back pain; and

·       Decrease employee disease risk factors.

What’s more, workplace yoga can prevent injuries from sedentary work, manual labour, repetitive motion or postural issues by focusing on alignment and stretching out the body.

Programs Tailored for Your Requirements

·       Beginners Yoga;

·       Introduction to meditation and breath work;

·       Yoga specifically designed to benefit your occupation;

·       Self-Massage techniques;

·       Chair Yoga (providing those less mobile an opportunity to participate in yoga classes).


$135/hr for max 9 students, as part of a 6-week program. Travel/set-up fees may apply (see below).

First 5km travel free. $1 per km over 5km, plus any parking expenses if carpark not provided.

For larger groups, or bespoke events, please contact Sara via the form below to discuss.


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